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Service Price Comparison
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Our dealership wants to provide you with Toyota Certified Technicians and a Service Experience you can rely on. But, did you know we can accomplish this while offering competitive prices? We challenge the norm that dealerships are more expensive and dare to show our pricing against our competing local repair shops and vehicle service providers.  Therefore, you are informed to make the best decision for the needs of your vehicle. 


Our Dealership's Parts and Service Repair Costs vs. Our Competition 

Tire Rotation Oil Change
(with Tire Rotation)
Battery Alignment
Steven Toyota $15.95 $79.95 $184.95 $99.95
Competitor #1 cell2_2 cell3_2 cell4_2 cell5_2
Competitor #2 cell2_3 cell3_3 cell4_3 cell5_3
Competitor #3 cell2_4 cell3_4 cell4_4 cell5_4
Competitor #4 cell2_5 cell3_5 cell4_5 cell5_5

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